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Sunsational Spray Tan Spa


Our goal is to provide our guests with affordable luxury and the most state-of-the-art equipment.

We strive to create an exceptionally clean, spa-like, warm and welcoming environment for women and men, and educate guests on the best skin care practices to keep them looking and feeling their best for years to come.

We employ a team of people who are more like family than employees, and develop relationships with clients who are more like friends than they are customers. We thrive by helping people become the best versions of themselves and making a difference in the lives of everyone we touch.

If you haven’t visited us yet, we invite you to stop by and meet our team, take a tour of the salon, and invest a little time in you. We look forward to knocking your socks off and helping you achieve the best tan of your life at Sunsational Spray Tan Spa.

Meet Rhonda

The Girl Behind The Bronze

Rhonda was born and raised in South Florida, where the sun shines most all year long, and where everyone loves being tan. Even though she’s a lover of the sun herself, she knew that there were those that weren’t, and that’s where her love of spray tanning began. Her bubbly personality, her unparalleled attention to detail, and her determination to be the best of the best is what keeps her clients coming back week after week.

In 2011, she became a certified Norvell spray tan artist, and in 2016, she was chosen out of thousands in the country to become a Norvell Brand Ambassador and educator, where she travels the country teaching others how to give a flawless spray tan. What she loves most about being a spray tan artist is transforming people, mind and body. Clients walk in feeling like an ugly duckling and 15 minutes later, they leave believing they are a beautiful swan. It’s amazing what a spray tan can do for one’s confidence level.

As a mother of 6, she knows first hand what pregnancy and weight gain can do to a body. Just like most women, she has stretch marks, cellulite, spider veins, and even rolls. So, if you are uncomfortable with your body, please join the club. We assure you that whatever body type you are, we will do whatever it takes to make you feel 100% comfortable. It is our goal to make you look beautiful and feel great about yourself. Did we mention that a Sunsational Spray tan can make you look 10lbs thinner? Look and feel great all year round!


The Difference

Sunsational Spray Tan Spa features only the industry’s finest equipment and products. We offer a variety of services and solutions that cater to wellness and relaxation.


We strive to make every visit as inviting, accommodating, and relaxing as possible. If your experience is ever not what you expected, we’ll make it right.


All tanning and spa equipment is sanitized immediately after each use. We are such clean freaks that we even sanitize the doorknobs and wipe the floor after each customer!


Regular maintenance and replacing lamps at just 50% of their life guarantees your Sunsational glow never fades!

Exceptional Skin Care

Let’s start by saying that we are skin care fanatics here at Sunsational Spray Tan Spa.
We believe that beautiful bronzed skin should never come at the price of sun damage and premature aging. Not only do we want your skin to look great now, but we want it to look great 10 and 20 years from now! That’s why we only carry products that are “bio-engineered” specifically for spray tanning and indoor tanning, that are enriched with the purest organic ingredients, vitamins, nutrients and amino acids which aid in the tanning process and replenish any moisture that is depleted as your skin works to develop a tan. Our goal is to always help you look and feel your best. We are dedicated to ensuring that your skin is nourished and healthy. We are so much more than simply a tan spa. Our studio is an oasis that makes you look and feel Sunsational, one glowing tan at a time.

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