Looking for a “Tanning Salon Near Me” In Chattanooga?

News & Blog | Published: Oct 15, 2020
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Looking for a “Tanning Salon Near Me” In Chattanooga?


How many times have you asked Google or Siri to find “tanning bed near me” in Chattanooga?

It’s understandable that you want a tanning salon that is convenient, but you also want it to be clean, have a friendly, knowledgeable staff, and offer the best tanning equipment at the most affordable price. Well, you no longer have to ask for “tanning places near me” because Sunsational is in East Brainerd, and has everything you’re looking for and much more.

Let’s TALK Tanning Beds Chattanooga!

The first tanning bed was introduced to the US in the late 70’s and has changed tremendously over the last 50 years. At first glance, what originally looked a small “clam shell”, has now evolved to a “giant spaceship”.

You may have heard them called different levels, usually 1 – 5, and in Chattanooga specifically, you’ve heard them called fast, faster, fastest, or instant tanning beds. Typically, the lower the level, the less expensive the cost per session is, but the more of the burning ray is emitted. The higher the level, the more expensive it is per session, but, you’ll get more of the bronzing ray. Also, the higher the level, the more tanning lamps and more “bells and whistles” the tanning bed will have. While most lower level “burning beds” may have 32 lamps and a facial tanner, the level 5 “bronzing beds” will have more than 50 lamps and everything from Air Conditioning to Aromatherapy.

Here at Sunsational, we’re all about taking care of your skin and not letting you burn, keeping you looking and feeling good for years to come. Our BRAND NEW KBL 8000 hybrid beds have 3 intensity levels, which allows you to build and bronze, all while avoiding the risk of over exposure. The sleek design and spa-like features make this cutting edge sunbed a luxurious experience like no other. You’ll find air conditioning under the acrylic, which will keep you nice and cool while you’re enjoying your tanning session. 


Aromatherapy allows a fresh, clean scent to be dispursed and misters will gently cool you. The KBL 8000 Hybrid is the first ever tanning bed to combine UV lamps with the skin conditioning red light lamps. These ruby-collagen-boosters stimulate the natural collagen production and with the gentle light of their high performance LED’s, make small wrinkles disappear and even out your skin tone. There’s built in spa music for the most amazing spa like experience ever, or if you’d like a more customized experience, you can Bluetooth the music of your choice. Imagine that! Being able to listen to your own music while tanning in Chattanooga! We’re so sure that you’re to love it, because everyone else tanning in Chattanooga does!


“This establishment is so modern chic and clean! The owner is incredibly personable and really cares about your skin’s health! All the ladies working there are so professional and friendly and knowledgeable, they make you feel right home, truly! And best of all the membership value is INSANE. All access to spray tans, high-end level 5 beds with all the bells and whistles, red light therapy (HUGE these days), and hydration station (basically a personal sauna session). It’s a whole experience and my absolute favorite way to treat myself to a little self care! Thank you Sunsational, I love you guys!!”

“One of the best experiences I have ever had. Their beds cannot be beat. You have plenty of room to move around, you can also hook your phone to the bed for music. Customer service is top notch. You must go by for a tour you will not be disappointed. Great prices.”

“I absolutely love this salon. I have only gone twice and I already have a gorgeous base tan …which at my old salon would have taken 6 or more appts to achieve. It’s a beautiful and calming place to go and relax. PS …that tanning bed is how I imagine a NASA Astronaut feels inside a rocket 🚀 …but you can totally customize your tan experience with beautiful spa music and fans to cool you down. Give them a try! They offer so much more than tanning and I am looking forward to trying out everything. I was not expecting this when l came for a tour, you will be surprised too!

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